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About SAS

SAS is one of the leading Geotechnical Engineering Consultant & Contractor.

Whether it is in Ground Engineering as Design & Built Contractor or Project Management. Trust that is hard-earned through our proven expertise, our depth of global experience and our commitment to stay one step ahead.

Our united group of specialists – many of whom number among the best in India – take enormous pride in collaborating with our project partners. By digging deeper. Thinking smarter. And seeing further.  

All so we can deliver the smartest solutions, every time. SAS team is having specialized Geotechnical & Transportation post graduates, who had prior experience & had worked with major international ground improvement contractors. 

From its origin since many years to the present day, SAS has above all been built on two principles – Engineering Excellence and a commitment to continual innovation.

SAS services are used across the entire construction spectrum from industrial, commercial and housing projects to infrastructure construction for dams, tunnels, transportation and landfilling. SAS is also a specialist in rehabilitation works and the protection of soils and ground water from environmental damage.

Engineering Services

At SAS, we provide total Geotechnical & Transportation Engineering solutions to civil engineering applications to clients. Our services include:

Field & Laboratory testing 

At SASGE we have Fully equipped Geotechnical & Material Testing laboratory in Noida with fully trained staff mentored by retired officials from CSIR laboratory. 

Ground Improvement & Foundation Engineering Works

Designing & Executing Ground Improvement Techniques in venture with some of the world's eminent Ground Improvement contractors.

  • Prefabricated Vertical drains 
  • Dynamic Compaction & Dynamic Replacement
  • Vacuum consolidation 
  • Semi Rigid inclusions 
  • Vibro stone columns & Vibro compaction 
  • Soil Mixing 
  • Jet grouting 
  • Slurry wall 

Consultants & Project Management

At SASGE we are Experienced Geotechnical Engineers who can provide Geotechnical & Transportation Engineering Solution  for complex Field problems.