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Ground Improvement & Foundation Engineering Works

At SASGE we work as design & built ground improvement contractor.

Ground improvement is an alternate foundation solutions which are cost effective method compared to conventional systems. Various techniques of Ground Improvement could be used in order to improve the load bearing capacity of the soil, reduce settlement, address the slope stability problem & make soil anti-liquifiable. 

Densification​Densification technique is a compaction technique which is done in order to densify the existing soil without putting any external reinforcement material inside the ground. This ground improvement technique is applicable for specific type of soils & have limitations in terms of improvement parameters. Densification could be done using two methods as elaborated below

  • Dynamic Compaction: It is a ground improvement technique that densifies soils and fills by using a drop weight (ponders). Based on the depth of treatment and soil profile with required achievable technical criteria intensity of energy could be defined. 
  • Vibro Compaction:  It is a Ground improvement technique that compacts the soil using vibrators attached with the crane. The intensity of improvement depends on the type of soil profile. ​​

Consolidation: It is a ground improvement technique which is been used in order to consolidate the soil using excess surcharge or atmospheric pressure. 

  • Prefabricated Vertical drains:  In this technique Geosynthetic material ( Vertical drains) is installed at the designed depth and spacing in order to accelerate the consolidation process of the soil. Surcharge load will be put on top of the existing ground and area will be settled as per the required technical criteria. 
  • Vacuum consolidation: In this technique area will be consolidated using atmospheric pressure with or without placing surcharge load. 

Reinforcement: In this technique soil will be reinforced with stones, sand, cement or concrete using various methods in order to achieve the required technical criteria. 

  • Vibro Replacement / Stone columns: In this technique soil is reinforced using vibratory technique & stone columns will be made inside the ground up to the designed depth, spacing & diameter. 
  • Dynamic Replacement: In this technique soil is being reinforced using Dynamic methodology of compaction using stones or sand's. The depth, spacing & diameter is defined based on the desired technical criteria. 
  • Semi Rigid Inclusion: In this technique soil is being reinforced by making concrete columns. 
  • Soil mixing: The technique is being used in order to mix the soil with cement or any other equivalent material to change the properties of the soil as per required technical criteria.